Almost Rarely Counts!

Especially when it comes to the accuracy and integrity of consumer information reported to the Credit Bureaus.

With CBSC’s help 
can score a ringer.

Regardless of the industry you are in, if you are reporting consumer account information, you are subject to CFPB examination of your Credit Bureau Compliance programs.  Utility data furnishers are required to be just as vigilant about the accuracy and integrity of the consumer information reported to the credit bureaus and the effectiveness of their Disputes program as the financial industry.  Can you state with certainty your Compliance Controls are strong enough to withstand examiner scruitany?

Not reporting yet but interested in reaping the benefits? 
Telecommunications, cable providers and other public utility companies have been using credit bureaus for account decisions for years.  However, utility companies have been hesitant when it comes to reporting account information to the credit bureaus.  CBSC can get help you get started with accurate and compliant reporting and keep you on the right track.

CBSC’s president spent two years consulting on financial systems for large and small telecom providers and understands the struggle utility companies have in acquiring experienced staff with the perfect mix of systems, risk management and data compliance expertise required to support their unique needs. 

Whether you need to implement an enhanced Credit Bureau Compliancce program  or your company is just getting started with reporting, CBSC can provide experience and guidance rarely available to your industry. 

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