Time is money. 

How long will it take and how much will it cost for you to hire and cultivate the in-house skill set and expertise needed to manage your Credit Bureau Reporting compliance programs?

CBSC already has years of experience under our belt.  Let us help.

Credit Bureau Reporting and Disputes Compliance


Everyone can’t be an expert on everything.
Credit Bureau Compliance is what we do.

The beginning of Credit Bureau Compliance automation is here!  For those of you lacking Metro 2® expertise or staffing to perform ongoing monthly accuracy and integrity audits, the NEW automated Metro 2® criteria audit tool, is what you have been waiting for!

CBSC has partnered with another firm to bring you the most comprehensive automated Metro 2® criteria audit tool on the market today.  For more information on the new audit tool contact Jen Maisano at CBSC for a demo.

In addition to the automated Metro 2® criteria audit tool, CBSC can also provide the following Credit Bureau Compliance program development and support:


Our specialty is developing a comprehensive enterprise-wide Credit Bureau Compliance Program, including mandatory policies and procedures, customized for your institution, its systems and products.

· Implement a multi-level compliance control program to monitor Metro 2® Credit Bureau Reporting, Disputes and Permissible Purpose compliance across all lines of business.

Participate in or manage annual data reviews and audits provided by the bureaus

· Provide due diligence support to evaluate credit reporting risk before mergers, portfolio purchases or portfolio sales are completed.
· Administer all aspects of your credit bureau relationship including acting as
liaison to the credit bureaus for changes, conversions and error correction.
And much more!

    Not reporting yet?
    CBSC can get you started on the right track – and keep you there!

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