How can my firm benefit from partnering with CBSC?

From a litigation standpoint, during her tenure at both large and small financial institutions, CBSC’s CEO has assisted in the investigation and discovery phases of a number of Credit Damage cases and other Credit Reporting related litigation.

On the compliance side, CBSC’s CEO is considered an industry expert in credit reporting and has provided numerous, meticulously detailed, Metro 2 audits and  FACTA 312 compliance programs for large and small banks, credit unions, debt buyers and collections agencies.

Everyone can't be an expert on everything.
Credit Reporting Compliance is what we do.

CBSC’s service is meant to complement and augment your existing services and enhance your ability to support your client. 

Attorneys and Compliance Professionals tend to have tons of experience when it comes to interpreting regulations, but rarely have the in-house expertise to provide hands-on practical operational application of those regulations. CBSC’s goal is to help your firm provide the specialized operational and compliance expertise needed for your clients to meet FCRA and FACT 312 Credit Bureau Reporting data accuracy and integrity, and Disputes effectiveness requirements.

For Attorneys – CBSC can help mitigate your clients’ risk for litigation resulting from inaccurate or incomplete data reporting, develop impact analysis associated with regulatory changes specific to your client’s businesses, and provide expert advice on Credit Damage and Credit Reporting case litigation and other Credit Reporting related complaints.  Additionally, when it comes to mergers or portfolio purchases and sales, CBSC can provide invaluable input specific to credit reporting risk during the due diligence process.  Our comprehensive, enterprise-wide Credit Bureau Compliance Programs provide a multi-level compliane control system to help keep your clients out of the CFPB spotlight.

For Compliance Professionals – CBSC has developed what we refer to as a “practical application” compliance approach for evaluating the data your client is reporting to the consumer bureaus.   The combination of CBSC’s unique hands-on industry experience, skill set and compliance approach provides your company with the edge necessary to sustain the quality and integrity of your clients’ credit reporting programs. 

CBSC’s unique areas of expertise - Credit Bureau Compliance Consulting